Giving Back

Saratoga Eagle Sales and Service is a proud supporter of many organizations and charities throughout the Capital Region and beyond. We take pride in our community and love to help out when we can. We give to local charities in support of their special events and, ultimately, their mission.

img_0802We receive hundreds of donation requests each month and we try to help out as many organizations as we can. We prefer to support nonprofits whose missions support families (of all kinds), the family unit, or otherwise supports those that require assistance for their families. We also have a special focus on children, and anyone with social, emotional, mental, and especially physical limitations/handicaps.

Though we prefer to give to nonprofits that support these causes that are dear to us, we do give to others as well.

If you would like to request a donation or sponsorship, please complete the online application.

20150509_110432If you are a not-for-profit organization and would like to request a donation, please submit the online application with enough time for us to process the request and set-up the donation. We review all requests around the 1st of each month. If your request is approved, we will e-mail, or call you, to let you know what we are able to give and to make arrangements for delivery. 

We cannot always give as much as we would like and some requests will not be able to be approved. If your application is denied it does not mean that we don’t support your cause or event. Also, it does not mean that your application will be denied in the future. If your application was not approved, but the timing of your event is such that we can review it again during the next review period, we will keep your application in the queue until such time as it is approved or declined, or the date of your event has passed.

We love this community and are proud to give back to it!