Stop Boating Deaths Forever



A local initiative from Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service and the Sheriffs’ Department to SAVE lives.

 Saratoga Springs, NY– Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service, Bud Light, and the upstate NY County Sheriffs’ have joined forces to create Operation Sober Boater to encourage people to make the right call off and on the water, and drink responsibly. They are teaming up with local marinas and businesses to help spread the word.

Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service needs your help to promote this ongoing initiative. You are invited to join other media networks for our upcoming press conference.


Friday, May 24th, at 10:00 am at the Old Warren County Courthouse,  Village of Lake George

  • Bud Light
  • Fulton County Sheriff’s Department
  • Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department
  • Albany County Sheriff’s Department/STOP DWI
  • Warren County Sherriff’s Department
  • Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes, P.C. Attorneys At Law



  • Alcohol remains the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths.
  • Upstate NY has felt the direct results of these tragedies.
  • Operation Sober Boater aims to change the culture of drinking & boating to prevent
  • Our goal is to have zero boating fatalities with alcohol as the contributing factor.

Skills-based training will be offered to waterfront establishments and will give individuals the knowledge and confidence they need to recognize potential alcohol-related problems and intervene to prevent alcohol-related tragedies.


There are going to be multiple marketing campaigns to support the efforts including a two-fold strategy for creating awareness and enforcement. Our partners will help support the initiative by:

Displaying posters throughout the summer around the Capital Region.

Handing out promotional items (keychains, waterproof cell phone cases+) directly to boaters via the sheriffs’ departments (on the water), by local businesses, from Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service as well as other partners that come onboard.

Encouraging boaters to use the hashtag to help promote.

Sharing the message throughout partners’ social media channels.

Direct community outreach and media coverage.

Have boaters take the pledge (see below).


The Operation Sober Boater Campaign will work in conjunction with the national Operation Dry Water Campaign which focuses on enforcement efforts along with spreading awareness of the danger of boating under the influence to the recreational boating public through the outreach efforts of participating law enforcement agencies and our program partners. The outreach and media coverage leading the enforcement weekend lends law enforcement agencies the opportunity to educate and inform the recreational boating public about the dangers and implications of boating under the influence.


The purpose of the heightened enforcement component of the Operation Sober Boater Campaign is to deter boaters from boating under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Law enforcement officers keep us safe in many ways on the water. This heightened enforcement weekend facilitates an opportunity for Albany, Saratoga, Warren and Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputies to remove impaired operators from the waterways and to inform and educate boaters about the dangers and implications of boating under the influence.


Operation Sober Boater Campaign is to not only deter boaters from boating under the influence of drugs and alcohol but to hold people accountable for drinking responsibly. Here is the OSB pledge:

  • NEVER Boat under the influence.
  • NEVER Be intoxicated on a boat.
  • NEVER Drink and drive a boat.
  • NEVER Endanger myself or others.
  • NEVER Risk injury or death.
  • NEVER Be irresponsible.
  • NEVER Damage a boat.


Operation Sober Boater was started in 2015 when Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service partnered with the Albany County Sheriff’s Department/Team DWI. After 4 years, Fulton County Sheriff’s Department, Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes, P.C. Attorneys at Law, the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Department and this year we welcome the Warren County Sherriff’s Department in joining us to support the initiative.



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