At Saratoga Eagle Sales & Service, we take great pride in our sustainability initiatives. Below are just a few of the ways we help to minimize our footprint on our environment:

  • We have solar initiatives for warehouse and office
  • We utilize an in-house recycling center
  • Our information technology is cloud-based, removing the need for big machinery, wasted paper and excess electricity
  • Our efficiencies in technology include RoadNet and Route Builder
  • We also use virtual sales technology, which ensures consistent information tools and business continuity
  • We understand that our responsibility to our community includes a sustainable business practice
  • Our investment in reducing our carbon footprint starts at home with the installation of solar panels
  • In 2014 we converted our entire fleet in Buffalo to run on compressed natural gas (CNG)
  • In  2015, our Saratoga fleet was also converted to run on CNG